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Humans of Queen’s

a QWOCC x QBFA collab

QWOCC is so excited to have collaborated with Queen’s Black Fashion Association (QBFA) on the Humans of Queen’s photo series to explore the ways in which women use fashion to express their identity. Founded in May 2021, QBFA is a rapidly growing club on campus that facilitates an inclusive, safe environment for like-minded individuals who share a passion for the fashion industry. This club is an environment where trends, diversity and other fashion-related topics can be discussed. Much like QWOCC, QBFA welcomes all individuals who are willing to contribute to a positive welcoming environment with a focus on inclusivity. Both clubs have created a community on campus to discuss the struggles that people of colour endure. QWOCC and QBFA intersect in this way, and so, we created Humans of Queen’s

For centuries, fashion has been used as a means of expression and discovery. Through clothing, individuals are able to explore their own identity, communicate their identity with others and experiment with different styles.

The Humans of Queen’s photo series was created virtually and in person. We launched a google form wherein individuals were invited to share an image and add commentary linking this image with what fashion means to them. In person, we approached students on campus and asked if they were willing to take a photo and discuss how they use their fashion as a means of expression or as a link to their identity. 

Please enjoy the following photos and captions, this is: Humans of Queen’s. 

“I wouldn’t say I’m a very creative person but fashion is a way for me to stay creative. I love seeing what fdifferent stylists create with simple pieces and I think everyone has a say in the fashion world !!”

– Charisse Lee

“Fashion to me is a way of expressing myself to the world and displaying a bit of my personality”

– Alyssa (pictured on the right)

“For me, picking out my outfit every morning is one of the biggest deciding factors in how the day ahead of me is shaped. Fashion is more than just fabric and colour – it’s a way of showing those around me how I feel, and what I’m thinking. And to me, that’s the best way for me to let others get to know me”

– Kiana (pictured on the left)

“Fashion to me means individuality. It’s how you want to present yourself to the world!”


“I love fashion because it can be inspired by places you’ve been and people you’ve met. Some things can even influence you without you directly being in contact with it. It’s constantly evolving and reflecting your life experiences”

– Sharon

“I love fashion because it’s a form of creativity, self-expression, and a reflection of my mood on a given day”


“Fashion means self- and gender- expression”

– Mayah

“Fashion, for me, means to be able to express my internal self in my physical appearance. It is an extension of my personality and character. It is not an objective notion for people to judge, but a subjective one that tells the people around me what kind of person I am”

– Jess

“Way to express yourself & show creativity through what you wear”

– Kennedy

“I think fashion is a way of attracting the right people for you. It’s a visual language that people absorb instantly, especially strangers. If you adorn yourself with things that bring you joy, I think that honest style attracts genuine connections with people who share the same interests and aesthetics”

– Martha

“Fashion is a way I introduce myself without having to say a word. It makes me feel confident and I get to express myself without having to do or say anything. It makes it easier to talk to other people, it breaks the awkward initial barrier. If you see someone with a fashion item you like, you feel more inclined to come up and have a conversation with them”

– Jaida

“Fashion, to me, is a way of expressing oneself, and can be representative of who someone is or can be”

– Michelle

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