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Book Club

Welcome to QWOCC’s Book Club!

Join us each month as we explore books written by women of colour authors and/or tell the continually overlooked stories of women of colour.

At the beginning of every month a post describing the book, along with some guiding questions, will be provided. To close each month, a second post will be published discussing the book in more depth.

A Good Wife- Conclusion

Written by: Niroshini Mather To wrap up the first month of QWOCC’s book club, I thought I would share a few of my own thoughts on “A Good Wife” by Samra Zafar & Meg Masters. What do you think motivated the author to share her story? I believe there could be many reasons behind the…

A Good Wife- Introduction

Written by: Niroshini Mather Welcome to the QWOCC Book Club! Each month we will be sharing a book related to our monthly themes that shares stories about or written by women of color. Historically, women’s book clubs were more than just a gathering of friends to share opinions on favorite characters or plot twists. Rather,…

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