Who Does This Benefit?

Written by: Ana Storer Social media activism has been used in so many ways to help amplify voices, educate people, and make meaningful change. From the #MeToo movement to amplifying voices about climate injustice or coordinating protests for Black Lives Matter, many movements have been rooted in social media. There is no doubt that socialContinue reading “Who Does This Benefit?”

Not Just a “Dark Chapter”

Written by: Mariam Ibrahim TRIGGER WARNING: brief mention of genocide and residential schools; this article centers around racial gaslighting and systemic racism. Residential School Survivors Society Helpline: 1 800 721 0066 24 hour residential schools crisis Line: 1 866 925 4419 Residential Schools Resolution Health Program Resources:​​ 1-877-477-0775 Blackline: 1(800) 604-5841 (also textable) Kids HelpContinue reading “Not Just a “Dark Chapter””


Written by: Shayla Joshi This upcoming week will mark the beginning of the Tokyo 2021 Olympics. Set to start on July 23 and end on August 8th, this year’s Olympics will be for summer sports including swimming. The governing body responsible for the rules and regulations surrounding competitive swimming is FINA: Fédération Internationale De Natation(1).Continue reading “FINA’S BAN ON SWIM CAPS FOR NATURAL BLACK HAIR “

Critical Race Theory

Written By: Niroshini Mather On June 16th, the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, signed a controversial bill officially banning the teaching of critical race theory in educational institutions, following in the steps of Florida. This legislative change is a frightening step backwards in the global movement towards racial equity, which reignited after the devastating andContinue reading “Critical Race Theory”

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