My Superpower & My Kryptonite – Reflecting on Being a Woman of Color

Written by: Sylvia Kathirkamanathan My views on being a woman of colour have fluctuated my entire life, finally plateauing in recent years as this source of immense pride and appreciation. It is a slice of my identity that has always been undeniably mine and opened the gates for me to explore other aspects of myContinue reading “My Superpower & My Kryptonite – Reflecting on Being a Woman of Color”

The Resiliency of Being a Black Woman

Written by: Tyonna Ashby Strong, proud, resilient, courageous. Black women struggle and push through adversity every single day. It’s what makes us strong. Having to achieve more than what others think is possible to stay on top and pushing ourselves past the point of exhaustion is something that we live with every day. What doContinue reading “The Resiliency of Being a Black Woman”

Allyship: It Begins With Us

Written by: Serena Sengupta A quick google search returns the definition of an ally as “being a person or organization that cooperates with or helps another in a particular activity”.  What does this mean? Why is it important? Being an ally isn’t easy; it requires constant attention and awareness of the situations we are in.Continue reading “Allyship: It Begins With Us”

How to Become an Ally to Women of Colour

Written by: Sophia Wang Most definitely you have heard or seen the phrase “become an ally,” but what does this really mean, and how can this be achieved? There are many ways to become an ally, including being an ally to people of colour, an ally with the LGBTQ community, or an ally for women’sContinue reading “How to Become an Ally to Women of Colour”

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