Who Does This Benefit?

Written by: Ana Storer Social media activism has been used in so many ways to help amplify voices, educate people, and make meaningful change. From the #MeToo movement to amplifying voices about climate injustice or coordinating protests for Black Lives Matter, many movements have been rooted in social media. There is no doubt that socialContinue reading “Who Does This Benefit?”

Am I Brown Enough?

Written By: Niroshini Mather In most first-generation Canadian communities, there is an unspoken agreement on how one should navigate their dual identities. The story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears offers the perfect analogy for this continuous battle of identities; don’t be too Canadian and, in my own experience, don’t be too Tamil.  We conductContinue reading “Am I Brown Enough?”

Racial Erasure of the MENA Community

Written By: Mariam Ibrahim When my family first moved to Nova Scotia, I was suddenly asked to put myself into neat little boxes by the schools I went to through an annual sort of census. I was already confused about my racial and ethnic identity and being introduced to a limited list did not makeContinue reading “Racial Erasure of the MENA Community”

Book Review

Cheng, Xiangzhan. Sheng-sheng Eco-aesthetics (Aesthetics of Creating Life) Analects, People’s Publisher, 2012. Written By: Yiyi He Chinese ecocritic and aesthetician Xiangzhan Cheng’s anthology, Sheng-sheng Eco-aesthetics Analects (2012) collects a decade’s worth of his Chinese academic essays. Cheng demonstrates an evolution throughout his research that covers the transition from literary aesthetics (文艺美学) to the construction ofContinue reading “Book Review”

Not Just a “Dark Chapter”

Written by: Mariam Ibrahim TRIGGER WARNING: brief mention of genocide and residential schools; this article centers around racial gaslighting and systemic racism. Residential School Survivors Society Helpline: 1 800 721 0066 24 hour residential schools crisis Line: 1 866 925 4419 Residential Schools Resolution Health Program Resources:​​ 1-877-477-0775 Blackline: 1(800) 604-5841 (also textable) Kids HelpContinue reading “Not Just a “Dark Chapter””

Model Minorities- A Backhanded Compliment

Written by: Abha Shah The term “Model Minority” applies to communities perceived as achieving a higher degree of socioeconomic success as compared to other minority groups. Communities that fall under such a label are often praised and looked up to, which as a result undermines the danger of assigning such titles. Aside from the factContinue reading “Model Minorities- A Backhanded Compliment”


Written by: Shayla Joshi This upcoming week will mark the beginning of the Tokyo 2021 Olympics. Set to start on July 23 and end on August 8th, this year’s Olympics will be for summer sports including swimming. The governing body responsible for the rules and regulations surrounding competitive swimming is FINA: Fédération Internationale De Natation(1).Continue reading “FINA’S BAN ON SWIM CAPS FOR NATURAL BLACK HAIR “

White-Passing: Acknowledging Privilege and Reclaiming Identity

Written by: Ana Storer Navigating our identities is a quintessential part of both the human experience and personal growth. There can be different layers of complexity for people of mixed ethnicities. I can’t speak for others, but I know I go through life hyper-conscious that others are making assumptions or guesses about me and myContinue reading “White-Passing: Acknowledging Privilege and Reclaiming Identity”

Critical Race Theory

Written By: Niroshini Mather On June 16th, the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, signed a controversial bill officially banning the teaching of critical race theory in educational institutions, following in the steps of Florida. This legislative change is a frightening step backwards in the global movement towards racial equity, which reignited after the devastating andContinue reading “Critical Race Theory”

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