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Dear Younger Me, It All Gets Better

Written by: Sylvia Kathirkamanathan As a woman of colour, I continue to learn more about myself and grow every single day. That being said, I would like to say that my experiences have opened my eyes to things I wish I was told or learned when I was younger, so here are some things I wishContinue reading “Dear Younger Me, It All Gets Better”

A Conversation With Rita Wong

Written by: Yiyi He Rita Wong is an Associate Professor in Critical and Cultural Studies at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. She investigates the relationships between contemporary poetics, water justice, ecology, and decolonization. Rita Wong: RW    Yiyi He: YH YH: 1. In undercurrent, there are many allusions to Taoism, which I think have not been paid enough attentionContinue reading “A Conversation With Rita Wong”

To Every Past Version of Myself

Written by: Dalyah Schiarizza To every past version of myself,  You’ve always been beautiful. Beautiful when you’ve cried over your hair, your nose, your height, your stomach. You’ve always treated yourself too harshly. Too harsh about school, the future, your decisions. You’ve always been too accepting. Too accepting of others’ actions, of adult responsibilities, all theContinue reading “To Every Past Version of Myself”

The Factors Impacting My Mental Health Last Semester

Written by: Anonymous The 2021 fall semester was my very first experience at university. As a first year student, the new university environment was an overwhelming but enjoyable experience. Throughout the semester, there were most definitely fluctuations with my mental health, and understanding these fluctuations early in the semester allowed me to adjust and developContinue reading “The Factors Impacting My Mental Health Last Semester”