Written by: Dalyah Schiarizza So sassy, Sapphire. Quick-witted tongue. Sharp mind. Bold with an attitude. So sassy, Sapphire. When I was told about the prompt for this month, I was immediately reminded of this common stereotype for Black women that has snuck its way into the media. I also greatly suspect it won’t be leavingContinue reading “Sapphire”

QWOCC x LMF Queen’s: Introduction to Like Minded Females

Interviews Conducted by: Sydney Ko, Shayla Joshi, and Niroshini Mather Meet LMF’s Leaders Sonya Barlow Sonya is the founder of LMF Network, and is also a TEDxSpeaker, Podcast Host, Independent Diversity Consultant and soon-to-be published author. In 2020, she was named the winner of the Most Influential Women in Tech UK.  Beenish Saeed Beenish isContinue reading “QWOCC x LMF Queen’s: Introduction to Like Minded Females”

Missing: Women of Colour Educators

Written by: Niroshini Mather A teacher is often defined as a figure who helps students develop knowledge, virtues and morals. In primary education, they play an immeasurable role during a child’s most impressionable years. This persists in post-secondary education, where professors often act as mentors to bridge the intimidating jump into the workforce. In my 16Continue reading “Missing: Women of Colour Educators”

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