Stolen by Smith- an Article

Written by: Niroshini Mather The instagram account @StolenbySmith has sparked a much needed introspection into the experiences of BIPOC students and staff at Queen’s University. The account was launched by Kelly Zou, a fourth year commerce student, in order to offer Queens students and alumni the opportunity to anonymously share their experiences of racism, homophobiaContinue reading “Stolen by Smith- an Article”

How to Spark Change: the Distinction Between Equity and Equality

Written By: Shayla Joshi A distinction that is often overlooked is that of equity versus equality. Sure, in general terms, most people understand the definitions of these words, but what do they mean when executed? What do they signify as ideals? The distinction between equality and equity is paramount in addressing the systemic barriers rootedContinue reading “How to Spark Change: the Distinction Between Equity and Equality”

“Matters is the Minimum”

Written and Photographed By: Leah Biberdorf In the midst of one of the greatest health pandemics, the biggest civil rights movement ever recorded is happening. Not in some far off news story that gets broadcasted for ten minutes but right in our own countries, cities, and homes. The death of George Floyd has rightfully sparked aContinue reading ““Matters is the Minimum””

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