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Humans of Queen’s

a QWOCC x QBFA collab QWOCC is so excited to have collaborated with Queen’s Black Fashion Association (QBFA) on the Humans of Queen’s photo series to explore the ways in which women use fashion to express their identity. Founded in May 2021, QBFA is a rapidly growing club on campus that facilitates an inclusive, safeContinue reading “Humans of Queen’s”

Book Review: Ecocriticism and Ecologism

Written by: Yiyi He Ecocriticism and Ecologism by Chinese ecocritic Wang Nuo constructs a theory of ecocriticism with uniquely Chinese characteristics, comprehensively discussing ecologism as one of the foundations of ecocritical theory and analyzing and responding to more than one hundred of the most controversial and mystifying issues[1] in the field of ecocriticism and ecologicalContinue reading “Book Review: Ecocriticism and Ecologism”

Book Review

Cheng, Xiangzhan. Sheng-sheng Eco-aesthetics (Aesthetics of Creating Life) Analects, People’s Publisher, 2012. Written By: Yiyi He Chinese ecocritic and aesthetician Xiangzhan Cheng’s anthology, Sheng-sheng Eco-aesthetics Analects (2012) collects a decade’s worth of his Chinese academic essays. Cheng demonstrates an evolution throughout his research that covers the transition from literary aesthetics (文艺美学) to the construction ofContinue reading “Book Review”

Decolonizing Beauty at Queen’s

Written by: Larissa Zhong It’s a curious incongruity to be Han Chinese (belonging to one of the biggest ethnic groups in the world) and to be acutely underrepresented, but it’s my reality. At Queen’s, more than ever before, I feel that my almond eyes and short nose are unwanted. Student government leaders, university service staff,Continue reading “Decolonizing Beauty at Queen’s”

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