Humans of Queen’s

a QWOCC x QBFA collab QWOCC is so excited to have collaborated with Queen’s Black Fashion Association (QBFA) on the Humans of Queen’s photo series to explore the ways in which women use fashion to express their identity. Founded in May 2021, QBFA is a rapidly growing club on campus that facilitates an inclusive, safeContinue reading “Humans of Queen’s”

Am I Brown Enough?

Written By: Niroshini Mather In most first-generation Canadian communities, there is an unspoken agreement on how one should navigate their dual identities. The story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears offers the perfect analogy for this continuous battle of identities; don’t be too Canadian and, in my own experience, don’t be too Tamil.  We conductContinue reading “Am I Brown Enough?”

White-Passing: Acknowledging Privilege and Reclaiming Identity

Written by: Ana Storer Navigating our identities is a quintessential part of both the human experience and personal growth. There can be different layers of complexity for people of mixed ethnicities. I can’t speak for others, but I know I go through life hyper-conscious that others are making assumptions or guesses about me and myContinue reading “White-Passing: Acknowledging Privilege and Reclaiming Identity”

Origin Story

Written by: Urooj Salar I am the girl from the mountains that hold my roots, the way my mother used to hold me in her arms. I am the girl split into sections by lines on a map drawn by strangers with ill intentions, dictating where one fraction of my identity begins and the otherContinue reading “Origin Story”

The Angry Black Woman

Written By: Danielle Pinder Like many mixed race individuals, growing up I struggled with my identity. In my mind, black was a bad word and I feared claiming it as my own. I wished to put as much distance between my black roots and my identity, hoping that the tie between the two would eventually snap.Continue reading “The Angry Black Woman”

What is a Woman of Colour?

Written By: Shayla Joshi What is a Woman of Colour (WOC)? Who qualifies as a WOC? Questions paralleling these are observed as the focus of discussion within a variety of fields, ranging from academia to politics. A basic definition of a woman of colour would be: a female person of colour. Simple, right? Not necessarily—Continue reading “What is a Woman of Colour?”

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