Being an Ally is Hot

Written by: Abigail Mathews

Being an ally is hot. 

An ally uses their power to stand up for a person or group that is facing discrimination or injustice,

An ally understands that educating themselves is entirely up to them,

An ally uses the benefits of their privilege to support those lacking it,

An ally is someone who amplifies the voices of those who are oppressed before their own,

An ally doesn’t play “devil’s advocate”(cause no one ever asks for that),

An ally means working in solidarity to re-learn and re-evaluate a society that marginalizes various types of people,

An ally is not an identity but a practice because an ally is constantly working on taking accountability with marginalized groups and is reflected not on them but by the people they seek to ally themselves with,

An ally is peace, equity and progress wrapped into one,

Everyone should be an ally no question because,

Being an ally is hot.

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