“Matters is the Minimum”

Written and Photographed By: Leah Biberdorf In the midst of one of the greatest health pandemics, the biggest civil rights movement ever recorded is happening. Not in some far off news story that gets broadcasted for ten minutes but right in our own countries, cities, and homes. The death of George Floyd has rightfully sparked aContinue reading ““Matters is the Minimum””

Resources: Ways You Can Help

Written By: Niroshini Mather DONATIONS: For the Victims  Official George Floyd Memorial Fund – The Official George Floyd Memorial Fund  I Run With Maud – I Run with Maud  Justice for Breonna Taylor – Justice for Breonna Taylor  For Protestors :  https://bailfunds.github.io/ – A list of Community Bail Funds Organized by States & Cities   DonatingContinue reading “Resources: Ways You Can Help”

What is a Woman of Colour?

Written By: Shayla Joshi What is a Woman of Colour (WOC)? Who qualifies as a WOC? Questions paralleling these are observed as the focus of discussion within a variety of fields, ranging from academia to politics. A basic definition of a woman of colour would be: a female person of colour. Simple, right? Not necessarily—Continue reading “What is a Woman of Colour?”

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