Let’s Normalize Aesthetic Surgeries

The “perfect” look isn’t natural so it is time to disclose these facts and reclaim our beauty Written by: Sydney Ko Beauty standards are perhaps some of the most bizarre concepts society has ever collectively agreed upon. We all somehow shook our head in disapproval when one’s lips are too thin, or when thighs areContinue reading “Let’s Normalize Aesthetic Surgeries”

Why Diversity Just Isn’t Enough For The Beauty Industry

Written by: Niroshini Mather When Fenty Beauty first launched in 2017, it was seen to be revolutionary within the beauty industry as its inclusive line of up to 40 foundation and concealer shades was unheard of up until that point.  For many people like me, it was inspiring to finally see our skin tone beingContinue reading “Why Diversity Just Isn’t Enough For The Beauty Industry”

Decolonizing Beauty at Queen’s

Written by: Larissa Zhong It’s a curious incongruity to be Han Chinese (belonging to one of the biggest ethnic groups in the world) and to be acutely underrepresented, but it’s my reality. At Queen’s, more than ever before, I feel that my almond eyes and short nose are unwanted. Student government leaders, university service staff,Continue reading “Decolonizing Beauty at Queen’s”

What They Don’t Tell You About Exchange

Written by: Emily Reynolds On January 4th 2020, I embarked on one of the most ambitious journeys of my life thus far. Armed with two suitcases, my trusty backpack, and my brand new money belt, I flew across the Atlantic to Lyon, France, for my winter semester abroad. My exchange was one of the mostContinue reading “What They Don’t Tell You About Exchange”

Stolen by Smith- an Article

Written by: Niroshini Mather The instagram account @StolenbySmith has sparked a much needed introspection into the experiences of BIPOC students and staff at Queen’s University. The account was launched by Kelly Zou, a fourth year commerce student, in order to offer Queens students and alumni the opportunity to anonymously share their experiences of racism, homophobiaContinue reading “Stolen by Smith- an Article”

How to Spark Change: the Distinction Between Equity and Equality

Written By: Shayla Joshi A distinction that is often overlooked is that of equity versus equality. Sure, in general terms, most people understand the definitions of these words, but what do they mean when executed? What do they signify as ideals? The distinction between equality and equity is paramount in addressing the systemic barriers rootedContinue reading “How to Spark Change: the Distinction Between Equity and Equality”

Colourism in the South Asian Community

Written By: Niroshini Mather Now more than ever, the daily struggles faced by the Black community are being brought forward in light of the recent murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor at the hands of the police. As a result, many of us have begun a much needed introspection to determine how, inadavertently orContinue reading “Colourism in the South Asian Community”

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