Book Review

Cheng, Xiangzhan. Sheng-sheng Eco-aesthetics (Aesthetics of Creating Life) Analects, People’s Publisher, 2012. Written By: Yiyi He Chinese ecocritic and aesthetician Xiangzhan Cheng’s anthology, Sheng-sheng Eco-aesthetics Analects (2012) collects a decade’s worth of his Chinese academic essays. Cheng demonstrates an evolution throughout his research that covers the transition from literary aesthetics (文艺美学) to the construction ofContinue reading “Book Review”

Model Minorities- A Backhanded Compliment

Written by: Abha Shah The term “Model Minority” applies to communities perceived as achieving a higher degree of socioeconomic success as compared to other minority groups. Communities that fall under such a label are often praised and looked up to, which as a result undermines the danger of assigning such titles. Aside from the factContinue reading “Model Minorities- A Backhanded Compliment”

QWOCC x VCFS: Beauty Standards for WOC

Written by: Shayla Joshi, in collaboration with the models  QWOCC is so excited to have collaborated with VCFS to talk about the beauty standards that exist for women of colour. It is difficult to feel beautiful as a woman of colour when the standards set cater to a Eurocentric population. Though this can be anContinue reading “QWOCC x VCFS: Beauty Standards for WOC”

Let’s Normalize Aesthetic Surgeries

The “perfect” look isn’t natural so it is time to disclose these facts and reclaim our beauty Written by: Sydney Ko Beauty standards are perhaps some of the most bizarre concepts society has ever collectively agreed upon. We all somehow shook our head in disapproval when one’s lips are too thin, or when thighs areContinue reading “Let’s Normalize Aesthetic Surgeries”

Why Diversity Just Isn’t Enough For The Beauty Industry

Written by: Niroshini Mather When Fenty Beauty first launched in 2017, it was seen to be revolutionary within the beauty industry as its inclusive line of up to 40 foundation and concealer shades was unheard of up until that point.  For many people like me, it was inspiring to finally see our skin tone beingContinue reading “Why Diversity Just Isn’t Enough For The Beauty Industry”

Decolonizing Beauty at Queen’s

Written by: Larissa Zhong It’s a curious incongruity to be Han Chinese (belonging to one of the biggest ethnic groups in the world) and to be acutely underrepresented, but it’s my reality. At Queen’s, more than ever before, I feel that my almond eyes and short nose are unwanted. Student government leaders, university service staff,Continue reading “Decolonizing Beauty at Queen’s”

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