Black Women in Space, Time, and Place

Written by: Solana Pasqual Trigger Warning: Racism, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, Rape “We have still to recognize that being a woman is, in fact, not extractable from the context in which one is a woman—that is, race, class, time, and place.” [1] I was initially very hesitant to speak on the experiences of Black womenContinue reading “Black Women in Space, Time, and Place”

QWOCC x LMF Queen’s: Introduction to Like Minded Females

Interviews Conducted by: Sydney Ko, Shayla Joshi, and Niroshini Mather Meet LMF’s Leaders Sonya Barlow Sonya is the founder of LMF Network, and is also a TEDxSpeaker, Podcast Host, Independent Diversity Consultant and soon-to-be published author. In 2020, she was named the winner of the Most Influential Women in Tech UK.  Beenish Saeed Beenish isContinue reading “QWOCC x LMF Queen’s: Introduction to Like Minded Females”

Let’s Start Dating With More Empathy 

Written by: Sydney Ko In an ideal world, people can be with whoever they want. In an ideal world, we could stare at each other lovingly, sipping on our coffee while gazing into each other’s eyes; because you’re admiring everything that I portray, and I’m deeply fascinated with all things you have to say. ButContinue reading “Let’s Start Dating With More Empathy “

QWOCC: a Year in Review

Written by: Niroshini Mather, Sydney Ko, Shayla Joshi  March 8th 2021, not only marks International Women’s Day but our first ever blog anniversary. QWOCC’s blog has been up and running officially for one whole year. To celebrate this milestone, our blog team collaborated to create this year in review- a timeline from when we launchedContinue reading “QWOCC: a Year in Review”

From Then to Now: Opinion Piece (WOC In The Workplace)

Written by: Niroshini Mather Growing up I was always pragmatic about my dream career. One year I wanted to be a teacher like my aunt and the next, an accountant like my mother.  The constant theme was choosing a career I knew to be achievable; a career I had seen others like me work andContinue reading “From Then to Now: Opinion Piece (WOC In The Workplace)”

What Does Being a WOC Mean to You?

Written by: Niroshini Mather What does being a woman of colour mean to you? This is not only a loaded question, but one I cannot give a concrete answer to. The significance of being a woman of colour has changed so drastically over the course of my life and will continue to change as IContinue reading “What Does Being a WOC Mean to You?”

Missing: Women of Colour Educators

Written by: Niroshini Mather A teacher is often defined as a figure who helps students develop knowledge, virtues and morals. In primary education, they play an immeasurable role during a child’s most impressionable years. This persists in post-secondary education, where professors often act as mentors to bridge the intimidating jump into the workforce. In my 16Continue reading “Missing: Women of Colour Educators”

QWOCC x VCFS: Beauty Standards for WOC

Written by: Shayla Joshi, in collaboration with the models  QWOCC is so excited to have collaborated with VCFS to talk about the beauty standards that exist for women of colour. It is difficult to feel beautiful as a woman of colour when the standards set cater to a Eurocentric population. Though this can be anContinue reading “QWOCC x VCFS: Beauty Standards for WOC”

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